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Author Topic:   How do I check for Transom Rot??
72outrage posted 06-02-2003 03:42 PM ET (US)   Profile for 72outrage   Send Email to 72outrage  
How I can check if the transom on a 1972 21'6", which [they're] telling me is a 22-Outrage. Are there any signs to look for? Any certain checks to complete? Any help here is appreciated
Sal DiMercurio posted 06-02-2003 06:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for Sal DiMercurio  Send Email to Sal DiMercurio     
Theres a couple of ways to check for rot.
I just tap on the outside of the transom with a small ball peen hammer, & if it sounds hollow I drill a hole through the fiber glass & stick either an ice pick or screw driver in that hole & push, if it goes in easy, it's rotten, if it dosen't go in at all, your ok.
You can also use a moisture meter, they are pretty good at finding rotted & wet spots.
If you see any bulges in the transom thats a sure sign it's rotten.
jimh posted 06-03-2003 12:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
You should get back in touch with "them" and inform "them" that your boat is probably a 21-OUTRAGE since in 1972 that was the only model being made in the length you mention. It has a "centerline length" of 21-feet 4-inches. The model referred to as 22-Outrage did not come along for about eight more years, i.e., c.1980.

I would begin by assessing the water trapped in the transom, if any. If there are any below-the-waterline holes in the transom, such as where a depth sounder's transducer was mounted, I would remove the screw and check for any water coming out. (You have to be on a trailer to do this, not in the water.)

I tried this on my older Whaler and got maybe one drop of water from one screw hole. It is important that any hole in the transom be well sealed against water entry.

The lower mounting bolts of the engine are often submerged, so they are another place to look for proper sealant. You can also drill a 0.25-inch hole as an exploratory hole for testing water content. If you do get water, you should drill a few more to see how bad the situation is.

72outrage posted 06-03-2003 04:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for 72outrage  Send Email to 72outrage     

Thanks for your help, I will check for thoughs' signs of rot. A Moisture meter would sure be nice.
Even if the boat was well taken care of.
Do you think there a chance that just from the boat being so old that the transom wood rot regardless of condition?
I'm alittle confused about it being a 21 or 22' Outrage. She say's it's called a 22' Outrage but accually measures 21'4" like do most boat that say they are on size, but accually measure slightly less. I check on the spec. sheet and it show's that they didn't make the 22' until 1978 like your saying, but when I was on the boat the plate on it say's " Swamped wieght is 5000lbs, it can hold 11 persons, and max. horse power is 200. The only spec. it see's to line up with is the 22' Outrage! So maybe she is off by 6yrs! She is 80 yrs old. The boat doesn't have a wood center console, like the one in the picture in earlier post. I guess I will have to some how find the year printed on it. Do you know where it might be on this boat? Thanks again for anyhelp.
Buckda posted 06-03-2003 04:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Buckda  Send Email to Buckda     
72outrage -
Given your rapid response to this thread, I suspect you're really motivated for a quick answer to your questions. I have to say the fastest way to find the information about your boat is to check the reference section of this site. A great deal of useful information on buying a Boston Whaler can be found there, including information on where to find the metal identification tags used on Whalers. Now, since yours is might not have tags...but never fear, JimH has been here...and left some great information on how/where to find the identification number that was originally STENCILED onto the hull.

Find that number, then call/e-mail Chuck Bennett at Whaler - you will find out exactly what you have on your hands.

As far as assessing the condition of your boat, the reference section also has a fine article on what to look for when buying a classic Boston Whaler - including how to identify worrisome things like cracks in the fiberglass around the transom, etc. *note...some small cracks around the transom can be considered normal wear and tear for a boat that old*

Check it out while waiting for the guys to guess is that by morning, you'll be hooked on this site, and you'll have some great information included on this thread to help you make a sound decision with this boat.



Sal DiMercurio posted 06-03-2003 06:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for Sal DiMercurio  Send Email to Sal DiMercurio     
72Outrage, whats 80 years old ?
Yes most boats are usually a few inches shorter then the number they say it is, for instance, my V-20 Outrage is really only 19'10" but called a 20'.
jimh posted 06-03-2003 11:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
We can certainly excuse an 80-year old seller for forgetting the model name.

The 21-Outrage is an easy boat to recognize--there's never been another one like it!

72outrage posted 06-04-2003 12:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for 72outrage  Send Email to 72outrage     

Well, I'm pretty much hooked on buying this boat regardless of size. I just want to make her a beauty. I guess once I get her I will post some pictures of her. Hopefully you guy's that know a lot about Whalers can tell me what she is. If I can't find the numbers that is. The boat seems to have been taken good care of. I think I am hook on this site already. Thanks for all your help and will probably need more in the near future.

~The person I'm buying the Whaler from is 80Yyrs old! Not to mention the original owner!

HAPPYJIM posted 06-04-2003 07:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for HAPPYJIM  Send Email to HAPPYJIM     
Buy the CD that Tom W. Clark offers for $59.
It has many pictures of what your boat is supposed to look like and the specs.
It will answere many questions that you have about it.
I thought the price was a little high until I started going through it.
Invest in the CD, you won't regret it.
You can contact him at

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