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These photographs first appeared April 10, 2000. Send your photographs for inclusion in this rotating gallery!


[Photo:1987 Whaler 27 Center Console Cuddy]
1987 Center Console 27 Cuddy AMY'S WHALER
This leviathan of Classic Whaler boats is resting dockside at Clark Robert's Spruce Creek Navy, anticipating the long trip up the intercoastal from Daytona Beach to New Jersey. Tom (Bigz) Zeno just purchased her sight-unseen, moving up from an Outrage 20. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, she'll be moving northward.
PhotoCredit: Clark Roberts


[Photo:1987 Whaler 27 Center Console Cuddy, stern]
1987 Center Console 27 Cuddy
With twin 200 HP counter-rotating Yamahas, this big Classic Whaler should have plenty of power to handle her new summer cruising grounds on the New Jersey shore.
PhotoCredit: Clark Roberts



[Photo:Trailer for larger Whaler 25]
Outrage(ous) Trailer
Supporting the weight of a big whaler can require a lot of keel rollers!
PhotoCredit: Larry Goltz



[Photo: 1992 Whaler 22 Outrage Hull Graphics]
Outré Hull Graphic
John Flook's Outrage 22 should be easy to identify with this new hull graphic.
PhotoCredit: John Flook


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