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These photographs first appeared April 30, 2000. Send your photographs for inclusion in this rotating gallery!


[Photo: 1967 Whaler 16 Nauset]
1967 Nauset 16
I was just about to launch my own Whaler for the first time this year when this fine specimen of a Nauset cruised up carrrying Paul Mullin. Now mostly fishing on inland Orchard Lake, this whale(r) spent much of its youth jumping waves on Lake Huron.
PhotoCredit: Kim Culhan



[Photo:1989 Whaler 18 Outrage]
1989 Whaler 18 Outrage LITTLE BEAR
The sea calls this whale(r) back to her west coast fishing grounds. Those twin Yamaha 70's will take owner Tom Byrum, his son, and a friend 10 miles offshore from Bodega Bay, California. The sturdy Whaler hull will bring them safely back even when the ocean "kicks up." Recent upgrades are Garmin GPS, SiTex D/S and VHF, and Pacific Trailer. Next project: hydraulic steering.
PhotoCredit: Tom Byrum <>


[Photo: c.1970 Whaler 35 Humback]
c.1970 Whale 35 Humpback
One of the original Whales, before the switch to laminated fiberglass construction.
PhotoCredit: Tom Byrum <>



[Photo: 1992 Whaler 22 Outrage in Key West]
1992 Whaler 22 Outrage OUTRÉ in Key West
The water in Key West must have something in it that causes your beard to turn white. Look what it did to Hemmingway, and now John Flook! By the way, that's a Mills SUN TOP on Outré, which is larger than the FLYING TOP.
PhotoCredit: Larry Goltz



[Photo: 1989 Whaler 25 Outrage in Gulf of Mexico]
1989 Whaler 25 Outrage WHALE LURE
Whaler-specialist First-Class (Intergalactic Fleet) Larry Goltz, aka lhg and frequent companion Lynn are seen here taking a break from Chicago's winter weather and giving WHALE LURE a chance to romp in some salt water.
PhotoCredit: John C. Flook


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