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These photographs first appeared June 20, 2000.

This week: a Rogues Gallery of Classic Whaler owners and their boats. Scroll down and see if the people in the pictures resemble their on-line personalities!


[Photo: 1987 Whaler 17 Montauk Ocean Fishing]
Ocean Fishing 1987 Montauk
Whaler Forum lurker Bill Dunbar bought this Classic Whaler new with just the console and the engine installed by the dealer, but purchased additional factory options that he installed himself. There is a raised rear deck, and also front and rear Whaler pedestal seats and front mounted trolling motor for inshore use (not shown). The 1987 Johnson 90HP is mounted on a jack-plate, allowing it to be mounted higher than a standard transom mount. Even with the 27-gallon tank under the seat and the weight of the rear deck, this Montauk will hit 49 MPH with a three-quarter tank of gas, one person and gear aboard. Bill writes, "This picture was taken about 5 miles south of Pensacola pass. The Hammerhead was caught on 30lb tackle, and was quickly released after the photo. I'm holding the business end of the shark."
PhotoCredit: Friend of Bill Dunbar


[Photo: 1982 Whaler 25 Revenge Cuddy I/O at Beautiful White Quartzite Hills of Baie Finn]
Whaler 25 WHITE WATER in Baie Fine
This c.1984 photograph catches Don McIntrye and wife Gail in their 1982 25 REVENGE CUDDY powered by a 260 HP MerCruiser I/O heading up Baie Fine toward The Pool, NE from Little Current in northern Lake Huron. On the rear deck is the mandatory dingy for gunkholing in these rocky waters. As an aside to the camera-bugs among us, this wonderful image--the original scan about five times larger--was shot on 4x5 transparency film! I think that is responsible for the excellent image quality and also the terrific colorimetry. It looks like a LIFE MAGAZINE cover from the 1960's! The beautiful white quartzite hills of Baie Fine are wonderfully captured.
PhotoCredit: Don McIntrye


[Photo: Clark Roberts and Tom Zeno aboard 27 Whaler]
At the Helm, Clark and Tom
Clark Roberts of Spruce Creek Navy fame [L] and Tom --bigZ-- Zeno [R] are at the helm of AMY'S WHALER the big 27 Whaler Center Console Cuddy. Tom bought the boat down in Florida, and cruised 1,100 miles bringing it back to New Jersy. Clark joined him for a portion of the trip. One thing I am noticing: there are a lot of gray hair and white beards among these Classic Whaler owners!
PhotoCredit: Tom Zeno


[Photo: 1992 Whaler 25 Revenge W.T. Fishing in North Channel]
Fishing the North Channel
Here's Walt Steffens' Whaler 25 Revenge Walk Through out in the North Channel of Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island in the background. Twin Evinrude 150's will get them back to the lodge in a hurry. (It turns out that is not Walt fishing; he must have been below just as the picture was taken!)
PhotoCredit: Don McIntrye


And here's the one we've all been waiting for: WHALER NUT. Jack just picked up a Classic Whaler over in SW Michigan, and a digital camera was on hand to record the event. I don't really trust these digital cameras. Sometimes their images have some distortion in them...


[Photo: Jack Graner, a.k.a. WHALERNUT]
WHALERNUT's new Classic
This 1973 Currituck was just purchased by Jack--WHALERNUT--Graner. The boat is powered by a 1975 Johnson 85 HP outboard. Jack plans many improvements, which we'll detail in future installments. The Currituck configuration evolved into the Sport, which evolved into the Standard, a boat still available today.
PhotoCredit: Adobe Photoshop 3.0


[Photo: 1973 Whaler 16 Currituck on ramp]
1973 Whaler 16 Currituck
Jack Graner's new Classic, shown here just going in the lake for a sea trial before purchase, is a 16-foot hull with the Currituck trim. The mahogany wood interior consists of thwart seats and a side console. That big V-4 Evinrude looks like it will have plenty of power for this boat. No, that's not Jack at the trailer, either!
PhotoCredit: John C. Flook


[Photo: Old Whaler]
Classic Whaler
And this, also, isn't Jack Graner! This fellow is Oliver Ingersoil of Lobster Cove, Massachusetts, an old story teller and classic whaling man. He briefly stood in for Jack in the re-touched photograph above.
PhotoCredit: Yankee Magazine


[Photo: Jack Graner with Whaler 16 Currituck]
OK, we've teased you enough. Here, at last, is the real Jack--WHALERNUT--Graner.
PhotoCredit: John C. Flook


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