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These photographs first appeared September 24, 2000.

This week: A wide variety of pictures from contributors. I am trying to catch up on all the photographs sent in over the past few months, as I know that after summer boating ends up north we'll have a flood of photographs coming in.


[Photo: 1988 Whaler 13 Super Sport Limited]
1988 Boston Whaler 13 Super Sport Limited
This excellent condition Classic Whaler just found its third owner in Ohio. On the transom is a 1988 Evinrude 40 VRO, which has enough power to take five adults out and still get on plane. The obedient Whale(r) has not drifted too far from her mooring on Lake Choctaw while this photograph was being taken.



[Photo: 1962 Whaler 16 NAUSET at Northwest Pacific Anchorage]
Lonely Nauset
This 1962 Nauset (or maybe Eastport?) sits on her mooring in the Pacific Northwest, under the care and feeding of Craig Walsh. The original mahogany rear bench has been replaced with a seat locker. The boat is stored inside via a marine railway. Even after 38-years, Craig says he "always gets comments when I run her into Seattle." We love pictures of Whalers with mountains in the background!



[Photo: 1987 Whaler 27 Center Console Cuddy on blocks]
1987 Whaler 27 Center Console Cuddy
Even at 6' 1", Tom Zeno is dwarfted by the size of this biggest of the classics, the 27-foot Whaler. She was out of the water for a while this summer while a problem with a drain tube got repaired, giving us a chance to see this view of her hull and underbody.

PhotoCredit: Tom "bigZ" Zeno
[Photo: 1987 Whaler 27 Center Console Cuddy Underway]
Comfortable Cruising on AMY'S WHALER
Coming up from Florida on her first big boat trip, 8-year old Amy--the boat's namesake--was lulled to sleep by the deep drone of the twin 200-HP Yamaha's on the transom. Her dad Tom Zeno holds a straight course across the Chesapeake at 4400 RPM or 36-MPH.

PhotoCredit: Tom "bigZ" Zeno


[Photo: 1991 Whaler 16SL] 1991 Whaler 16SL REPOSO
Door County, Wisconsin, east of Gill Rock at "Death's Door Passage". On the transom is a 90-HP Johnson of the same vintage. Dick Kunnert says, "We have taken trips through the Apostle Islands that few other boats could make."



[Photo: 1984 Whaler 17 Montauk on Texas Water]
Wade Fishing
Chad Prince, his dad, and his brother enjoy a warm afternoon in Rockport, Texas, doing a little "wade fishing." The 1984 Montauk has a Yamaha engine.

PhotoCredit: Chad Prince


[Photo: Three Classic Whalers]
Pod of Whale(r)s
Roger Ruddick spotted this little "pod" of Whale(r)s in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida: 1967 Eastport; 1972 Sourpuss; 1976 11-Utility. That's 85 boat-years of Whalering!



[Photo: 1985 Whaler 18 Outrage with Tuna Tower]
Outrageous Tuna Tower
Chuck Weigle (aka Maverick) added this tuna tower to his 1985 Outrage 18. His two sons (pictured) forced him to jump off it...once. Chuck's dad built it for him in the Florida Keys. The kids love it, and it works great for fishing, too.



[Photo: 1970 Whaler 16 Sakonnet with original 4-Stroke engine]
Double Classic
This 1970 Whaler 16 Sakonnet model appears to be in factory-new condition. Owner Greg Dennee bought it in 1990 from the original pruchaser, his uncle! A builder and a wood lover, Greg has the mahogany interior in perfect condition. And on the transom is another classic, a 1964 Homelight 50-HP 4-stroke outboard motor. Greg also has the original 1970 Fisher-Pierce Bearcat 55-HP engine that came with the boat!



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