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December 24, 2000

Season's Greetings

Reflections on a Great Year of Whalering

For those of us whose Whalers are under a few feet of snow, here are some images of the boating season to remind us of the fun we had. Thanks to Murray and John for the fine photographs.


Image: Sunset on water
Sunset on Lake Ponchartrain
A Whaler 18-Outrage carves a golden wake across New Orleans Lake Ponchartrain.
PhotoCredit: Murray Turner - Reference: 31-01


Image: Sunset on water
Sunset on the North Channel
Except for the jet contrails, this sunset looks the same as it did 10,000 years ago when the native people of Manitoulin lived on the shores of these magical waters.
PhotoCredit: John Flook - Reference: 31-02


Image: Boat and Trailer in the Fall on Lake Huron shore, Carolyn Beach Ontario
Carolyn Beach, Ontario
In late September the forested shores of Lake Huron begin to show their autumn colors.
PhotoCredit: John Flook - Reference: 31-03


Image: Whaler under snow, Michigan
A Whaler Christmas Card
Buried under the lake-effect snows of Lake Michigan, OUTRÉ  hibernates until spring.
PhotoCredit: John Flook - Reference: 31-04


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