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September 24, 2002

Washington Rendezvous

The many Boston Whaler owners and website activists of the Seattle area, led by Tom Clark and Taylor Clark, organized a great Whaler Rendezvous on Saturday July 13th, 2002.

The event was held on Blake Island, which is centrally located in Puget Sound, about eight nautical miles southwest of downtown Seattle. People could launch from different points all around the Sound and really rendezvous (in the true sense of the word) at Blake Island, which is a Washington State marine park. The largest contingent came from Port Orchard through some fairly protected waterways to the Island. Some people launched at West Seattle and came across Puget Sound. Tom Clark boated over from Shilshole Bay in North Seattle. Taylor Clark came from Whidbey Island, perhaps 40 miles north. (He got the heck beat out of him on the way home as he headed into a strong afternoon northerly.)

Correspondent Tom Clark writes:

"The Rendezvous worked out quite well. The weather was nice and hot, maybe a little too nice as I got sunburned. You will NEVER catch me living in Florida.Too much damn sunshine.

"We had a good turn out with the following in attendance:

"Our only real challenge on Saturday was finding moorage for everyone. I was the first to arrive and pulled up to the loading dock and was greeted by the Harbor Master who let me know there was 'No Room at the Inn.' When I told her there were another ten boats coming she just about went ballistic. Larry and Jerry had already pulled in by then and I was trying to figure out what to do when a whole parade of Whalers came in from Port Orchard.

"Eventually the Harbor Master and her assistants did accommodate us and we were able to put five Whalers and my boat on the dock. The other five Whalers were pulled up on the sand as the tide went out.

"The sand at the head of the marina is extremely steep but I think Taylor's Montauk was the only Whaler that got swamped as the tide came in again and simply flowed up and over the transom. No big deal, Taylor just idled out of the harbor and then goosed it, pulled the plug and drained the water out in no time. Good thing he owns a Whaler.

"We had a nice meal and chatted, and I especially appreciated the help of Babs and Stephanie and Bryan with the grilling of all the food as well as cleaning up.

"I even brought a chunk of CSW's foam that has been drying for several months to 'show and tell' so others could feel how wet foam felt. It looks perfectly normal but is VERY heavy. Christina's eyes just kind of glazed over at this sort of extreme dorkiness. Tom Birdsey understood, commenting about how his wife says to him: 'it's nice you have a hobby...'

"I was given the chance to drive Matt's new MT 170. Brand new boats ARE fun to be in. Very smooth ride too.

"Coincidentally, there was also a 13-Sport c. 1970 in the harbor with its owner who was a little surprised when the Whalers came parading in. His boat was all original. The gelcoat was very nice and shiny. While the wood was painted due to heavy checking in the grain, the rest of the boat was sweet. It's really nice to see old boats that are well maintained and not just repainted.

"My biggest disappointment was that there was not enough time to fully inspect and discuss all the boats there. What with cooking and eating as well as delivering Tom Birdsey back to Manchester and going out for ride in the new boats I just didn't have time to talk as much as I would like to have with everybody. There's always next year though."

Great event! Hats off to Tom and Taylor and all the others. Your turnout looks like the largest reported so far this year. Many thanks to John Anderson who did a great job in preparing , organizing and editing the photographs into the excellent digital images below. Here is a look at the Whalers of Seattle, the faces that go with the names, and a glimpse of what boating in the area has to offer.


Photo: 13 Dauntless, 22 Revenge, 13 Super Sport Limited at dock
Washington Rendezvous
The boats begin to arrive at the Port Orchard launching facility. Russ Hubbard (Russ) and his wife Fran showed up in their newly acquired 1981 Revenge 22. Aft is Rodger Teed (Rodger) and his 1997 Dauntless 13, while ahead is Bryan Snead (Bryan Snead) in his 1989 13 Super Sport Limited. Russ has installed a very nice heavy duty enclosure on his boat and has new electronics including an open array RADAR. That will be great for fishing the western end of the Straight of Juan de Fuca around Sekiu where they spend their summers.
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-01


Photo: 170 Montauk
Battle Stations
Matt Irwin (Matthew) joins the group at Port Orchard in his new 2002 Montauk 170. Port Orchard is across the harbor from the Naval base at Bremerton, WA. Yes, that's an aircraft carrier in the background.
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-02


Photo: 170 Montauk
170 Montauk
The new Whaler has more of a Fu-Manchu than a "smirk" when seen from this angle.
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-03


Photo: 13 Dauntless, 15 Super Sport underway
Washington Rendezvous
Rodger Teed (Rodger) and his wife Babs and daughter Maria en route to Blake Island in their 1997 Dauntless 13. That's a 1987 15 Super Sport in the background, with John Anderson (skookum point) and his father, Jack Anderson and his son, Jack.
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-04


Photo: 13 Dauntless underway on plane
For Sale
Rodger Teed (Rodger) and his wife Babs and daughter Maria en route to Blake Island in their 1997 Dauntless 13. Note the 'for sale' sign. Rodger already had his Montauk 170 on order. On the trip home Roger stopped in Olympia, WA, where a fellow approached him about buying the boat. Next weekend they closed the deal--talk about a Whaler being easy to sell!
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-05


Photo: 13 Super Sport Limited underway on plane
Washington Rendezvous
Bryan Snead (Bryan Snead) and his girlfriend Stephanie in Bryan's 1989 13 Super Sport Limited heading for Blake Island.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-06


Photo: 15 Super Sport
Washington Rendezvous
Three generations of Andersons ride in their 1987 Super Sport 15. John Anderson (skookum point) with his father, Jack and his son, Jack. Now there's a Whaler with "smirk."
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-07


Photo: Whalers hauled up on stoney beach
Beached Whalers
Beached on a falling tide with the Seattle skyline in background: 1988 Montauk 17, 1987 Super Sport 15, 1989 Super Sport Limited 13, 2002 Sport 13. We had a minus 2.1 foot tide at 1:45pm the day of the rendezvous, so there is quite a bit of beach exposed.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-08


Photo: Whalers on steeply inclined beach at low tide
Low Tide
Tom W Clark keeps an eye on the situation while standing next to Taylor Clark's (Taylor) 1988 Montauk.
PhotoCredit: Taylor Clark - Reference: 64-09


Photo: 17-foot hulls side by side, 1974 and 2002
Classic Side By Side
Larry Eaton (lae) and Matt Irwin (Matthew) compare Larry's 1974 Katama with Matt's Montauk 170 while Taylor tries out the stern seat.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-10


Photo: 1974 and 2002 Whaler hulls alongside at dock
Desert Tan and Whaler White
Comparing and contrasting Larry Eaton's (lae) 1974 Katama and Matt Irwin's (Matthew) 2002 Montauk 170. It looks as if Matt has not had time to put much gear in his new boat. Larry came all the way from Kennewick, WA to do some fishing.
PhotoCredit: Tom Birdsey - Reference: 64-11


Photo: 2002 and 1974 Whalers
Classic vs Classic
Larry's classic Katama next to Matt's new Montauk 170. This was a popular pairing at the rendezvous; we got to see the 1974 boat right next to the 2002 boat.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-12


Photo: Whaler owners cooking out
Bryan and Stephanie cook corn and crab legs while Tom (center) anticipates the meal. Crab legs provided by Greg Cook (Tsukuri BW) and delivered by Jerry Scirica (Seattlerocket).
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-13


Photo: Blake Island
Blake Island
The pavilion at Blake Island afforded a panoramic view.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-14


Photo: Whaler owners at rendezvous
Talkin' Whalers
Left to right: Larry Eaton, Fran Hubbard, Matt Irwin (Matthew), Taylor Clark (Taylor) and Russ Hubbard (Russ).
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-15


Photo: Picnic
Plenty of Food
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-16


Photo: Picnic
Lake Union Sea Ray
Standing at the left is Darren Largent (WHALER DUDE) from Whaler dealer Lake Union Sea Ray. Darren gave out Boston Whaler hats, shirts and mousepads. The Boston Whaler waterproof first aid kits were particularly popular with the kids.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-17


Photo: adorable kids
Future Whaler Owners
Jack Anderson, Maria Teed and Maighread Clark with their new BW waterproof first aid kits.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-18


Photo: 22-Revenge and 22-Dauntless at dock
Two 22's
Another side-by-side comparison: The dealer's 2002 Dauntless 22 rafted up to Russ Hubbard's 1981 Revenge 22.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-19


Photo: 22 Dauntless underway
Test Ride
Darren Largent (WHALER DUDE) provided test rides in the new Dauntless 22 from Whaler dealer Lake Union Sea Ray of Fife, WA.
PhotoCredit: John Anderson - Reference: 64-20


Photo: 170 Montauk
More Test Rides
Tom W Clark takes a turn at the helm of Matt Irwin's (Matthew) new Montauk 170. Rodger is along, anticipating his own new Montauk 170.
PhotoCredit: Taylor Clark - Reference: 64-21


Photo: 130 Sport underway
Jerry Scirica (Seattlerocket) heading home from Blake Island in his 2002 13 Sport.
PhotoCredit: Taylor Clark - Reference: 64-22


Photo: 15 Super Sport underway
15 Super Sport
John Andserson (skookum point) with his father Jack, and his son Jack, heading home at the end of a enjoyable day. Note the Utah registration on this 15 Super Sport.
PhotoCredit: Taylor Clark - Reference: 64-23


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