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October 10, 2002

Whalers Abroad

While Boston Whaler boats have been top-sellers in the United States for decades, they are also popular with overseas buyers. Here is a brief collection of some Whalers seen on several continents.


Italian Whalers

Emmett Fitzpatrick sent some very interesting photographs of Whalers he found in Italy. I'll let him tell the story:

"Dear Jim,

"I had the pleasure of vacationing in Italy this summer, where I spent some time on the Riviera, including a town of stunning beauty, Portofino. This jewel of a city has long been the summer playground for the world's super-rich. It is difficult to access except by water, and has a naturally perfect harbor. A photo of the harbor taken from the hillside is attached.

"As a Whaler aficionado, I was pleasantly surprised to see a tremendous number of Whalers in use, virtually all of which were classics. Beautifully-maintained Whalers were to be seen everywhere on the Riviera, and they appeared to be the tender of choice among yacht owners.

"Moored in Portofino harbor among the yachts, super yachts, classic wood Rivas, and 100+ foot sailboats, I found two Whalers that were truly unique. Photos are attached. Their hulls are black, their bottoms are white, and their upholstery is covered in what appears to be a removable pink fabric. That combination may sound strange, but after viewing them I think you'll agree that the overall effect is attractive.

"The super yacht that appears in the background in one of the Black Whaler photos is called "Sole Mates". It's registered in the Cayman Islands. I'd like to know who owns it, but so far I haven't been able to obtain that information. If your readers have any suggestions as to how to determine its ownership, I'd appreciate hearing from them.

"Hope you like these photos. Your site is excellent. I don't currently own a Whaler, but I'm planning to purchase a classic in the near future, preferably a Revenge or an Outrage."


Emmett Fitzpatrick


Photo: Harbor at Portofino
Portofino Harbor
The beautiful natural harbor at Portifino, home to many fine yachts
PhotoCredit: Emmett Fitzpatrick - Reference: 65-01


Photo: Whaler with black hull
Black Hulled Whaler
The normally Desert Tan gelcoat of this Whaler has been redone in black for a striking change in the hull color. A modern Yamaha four-stroke engine on the transom provides quiet and clean propulsion.
PhotoCredit: Emmett Fitzpatrick - Reference: 65-02


Photo: Whaler with black hull
Black Hulled Whaler--Take Two
Another view of this Whaler with a black hull. Note the mega-yacht behind it.
PhotoCredit: Emmett Fitzpatrick - Reference: 65-03


More Italian Whalers

Another correspondent from Italy, Marco Damian, writes:

"Hi, my name is Marco Damian, I'm from Monza (Milan) Italy.

"My photo was taken during last summer in Portofino. My boat was built in the seventies, the engine is a Yamaha 25-HP with electric starter. I don't know much about the history of this boat that I've bought last year. During this winter I've undertaken a complete restoration of the hull and next winter i'll take care of the rest of the boat (wood, hardware, etc).

"The boat is currently in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genova), but I wish I could bring it to the Como Lake to go fishing.

"The Hull was originally white with a blue interior. I had it repainted green (very dark indeed!) with cream interior last winter. It's very fashionable here in Tigullio (the gulf in front of Portofino) to repaint Whalers in various colours. I've seen a lot of dark blue hull Whalers and also red, yellow and orange ones. There is a lot of these amazing boats right here, as they are very practical to get around since there are very few beaches.

"I wish I could send you better pictures of my Whaler and other Italian ones as soon as possible."

Best wishes,

Marco Damian


Photo: Whaler with black hull
Black Hulled Whaler--Take Take Three
Enjoying some fine Mediteranian weather in this unique 15-Sport are Marco (at the helm), Riccardo on his left, and Giorgio and Vittoria forward.
PhotoCredit: Marco Damian - Reference: 65-04


Norwegian Whaler

It didn't take long for the new 170-Montauk hull to be delivered to European buyers. Jan Melsom writes:

"I took delivery of a new model 170-Montauk on the 1st of July and have basically nothing but praise for it, although a few comments. First of all I find the tanks delivered as standard are really ridiculous. Come on, 2 X 25-liter tanks is a too limited endurance for a four stroke Yamaha 80 BHP. Would you have, at this early stage of this new Montauks life, an idea of what to install instead and how to do it. (See the Reference section article on fuel tanks.) I have read all the earlier articles for the old model Montauk on your site.

"Secondly I can not understand why Boston Whaler couldn't have holders for a boat hook, fishing rods etc., installed from the factory. Sometimes I find BW to be too basic!

"Thirdly I have to confirm the better sea capability of this new model of Montauk. I had earlier the Outrage 18 (1990 model). To keep a straight course at lower speed is very easy compared to the 18-Outrage. All in all, this far, a new Whaler to be strongly recommended. Enclosing a picture of Montauk 170 "OLGA" being launched late at the first of July 2002. I would like to thank you for the very interesting site of yours."

With the best regards,

Jan F.A. Melsom


Photo: Whaler 170 Montauk launching at ramp
170 Montauk in Europe
The new 170-Montauk has already reached European buyers, albeit minus the manditory Mercury outboard. Here OLGA is about to slide into Norwegian water from an unusual roller-trailer. Note the 80-HP Yamaha 4-stroke on the stern.
PhotoCredit: Jan F.A. Melsom - Reference: 65-05


Netherlands Whaler

Hans vad der Linden got wind of this project and sent me two great shots of his Whaler from Holland. Hans writes:


"I want you to know that I'm a big fan of the Boston Whaler products and your Classic Whaler web site.

"I'm living in The Netherlands, Europe. I include with this mail two photos of my 1991 30th Anniversary Montauk with 1999 90 2-stroke Mercury. I do not know the history of my boat, only that the previous owner bought it in 1997 and put the 1999 Mercury on it. I bought it last year August. One of the previous owners took of the bleu 30th Anniversary striping.

"It is a standard boat with not much accessories on it. It has a heavy-duty rub-rail and I put a Raython L365 fish-finder on it this year. I changed the two metal Quicksilver 6 gallon tanks for one plastic Tempo 19 gallon tank. My family and me are use the boat for cruising. We live in the south of The Netherlands. We use the boat in the spring and summer period during from April to the end of September. We trailer the boat to the ramp of 'Lage Zwaluwe' where we start our trips. We go into the National park 'De Biesbosch' or in the direction of the North Sea over 'Het Hollands Diep' and 'Haringvliet'.

"The two pictures were made on one of my last trips in September with my new Nikon digital camera. At the trips I was the only one on board, so no family is included. On both pictures is the Dutch registration not visible but the Dutch flag is.

"My boat and set-up is not the most spectacular but maybe a nice addition on page 65.

"I wish you all the success with the Continuous Wave web site (portal)."


Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans van der Linden (linhans)


Photo: Whaler 17 Montauk at launch ramp in the Netherlands
Dutch Whaler
This very nice and super clean 17-Montauk was originally a 30th Anniversary model. This dock is in the National Park De Biesbosch. It looks like a very nice facility! And the Montauk looks to be in perfect condition, as well.
PhotoCredit: Jan F.A. Melsom - Reference: 65-06


Photo: Whaler 17-Montauk launching at ramp
17 Montauk in Europe
At the launching ramp in Lage Zwaluwe, The Netherlands. Another very attractive boating facility, and a very attractive Whaler.
PhotoCredit: Jan F.A. Melsom - Reference: 65-07



Venezuelan Whaler

Alonso Maldonado writes:

"This is my boat. I am keeping it in Morocco Venezuela. This is a part of the gulf coast. It is my first boat ever and I am enjoying it very much. We fish, ski, and cruise most weekends. I have a family, a boy 5 years old, a girl, and another boy, 2 years old."


Photo: 22 Duantless beached in Venezuela, South America
On The Beach: 22-Dauntless
This beautiful beach setting complements the nice lines of the Whaler 22-Dauntless, seen here near Morocco, Veneuzuela. Fishing and cruising are favorite weekend activities for Alonso and family.
PhotoCredit: Alonso Maldonaldo - Reference: 65-08


Chilean Whaler

Jaime Illmer P. writes:

"Dear Jim:

"Congratulations for your page.

"I reached there looking for info on Boston Whaler and found a lot of fine reference. Thanks.

"Here I send you a picture of a Boston Whaler I found in Lago Rapel (Rapel lake) in Chile. I cannot find the HIN yet but still working on it thanks to your reference info. I was told it was built in 1990-- any comment after seeing picture?

"It has no motor and my sole concern is which will be min and max HP to power it."


Jaime Illmer P.


Photo: 17 Montauk on trailer
Chilean Lake Whaler
This 17-Montauk may still be in the same time zone as Boston, but it is about 6,000 miles south in Chile. If I were Jaime (which is "Jim" in Spanish) I'd put a 90-HP outboard on the transom and see if this dog can hunt. (How's that for mixing some metaphors?)
PhotoCredit: Jaime Illmer P. - Reference: 65-13



New Caledonian Whaler

Eric DeBorde writes:


"I got some photos from New Caledonia (French Island) in South Pacifique for you! That's a very old 21-Whaler (1975 ?) completely refurbished in 2000. We leave our city NOUMEA two times each month to get to N'Ge, a very little island on the barrier reef. The trip is two hours long (65 km). The Yamaha 200 drinks 45 to 50 liters at 40 to 45 Km/hour to get there.

"You have done a really excellent job on web! Merci beaucoup!"

A bientot, Eric.


Photo: Whaler off beach at New Calendonia
21 Revenge South Pacific Style
This well preserved 21-REVENGE is anchored off a beautiful beach in the South Pacific. And I thought the water in Lake Michigan was blue!
PhotoCredit: Eric DeBorde - Reference: 65-09


Photo: Whaler off beach at New Calendonia
21 Revenge
The 21-REVENGE was built on the 21-foot Outrage hull, but featured a very small cuddy cabin, dual console with side helm, and a walk-through windshield.
PhotoCredit: Eric DeBorde - Reference: 65-10


Photo: Whaler off beach at New Calendonia
Deck Fittings
The precise age of this model is not known but it appears to be in great shape. Those deck curves are classical.
PhotoCredit: Eric DeBorde - Reference: 65-11


Photo: Montage of beach scenes
Eric's skills are not limited to boat restoration. He created this beautiful montage of scenes from his cruise.
PhotoCredit: Eric DeBorde - Reference: 65-12


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